Love to Play

  I am blessed with two young sons whom are each equally full of energy and curious about the world around them. Moving to Germany we knew that the first thing we had to do was find a place where we could all go and have fun. There are places in America such as trampoline … Continue reading Love to Play

Dublin, Ireland Y’all

  Ireland was on the top of my list of places I had to see before I left Europe. I was fortunate enough to visit Dublin, Ireland in November of 2017. I went with a friend of mine and we had our list of top see places. Her's being the Cliffs of Moher and mine … Continue reading Dublin, Ireland Y’all

On A Journey

I decided I needed a space to share. Public or Private it is nice to have a safe space to get out what I want to share with the World. So this is it. The good, the bad, and the indifferent. I hope to start a place where not only I can share but soon … Continue reading On A Journey