Necessary Bookcation

Search and Found. When I moved to Europe I knew one thing I would need is a vacation buddy. Let’s just be real, girl’s trips are relaxing and needed. Don’t get me wrong I love a good family holiday but Mama needs some quiet time every now and then. Also, there are two different versions of experiencing a new area. There’s the family friendly version that is surrounded by naps and fun adventure places and then there’s the alone Mama friendly version that is surrounded by drinks and relaxation and heavy reading.


So, began the search and I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot early on. One of my first kid free vacations was what was deemed a bookcation. Oh, that’s right we went in knowing that we would each be bringing along one to two of our favorite reads. We picked a location near water, a must for the both of us, and just went to relax. And we were reading all over the place, beaches, breakfast, dinner, hotel balconies, there was no place safe.

The first time we traveled together was to the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain. It really came down to price. This was the cheapest place to visit and it was near and ocean, so that’s all we needed. Valencia was a great location. There was much to do, great food and since it was not a heavy tourist area there weren’t lines or crowded beaches.

Every morning we found ourselves at the cutest café,La Petite Brioche, it didn’t hurt that the waiter was oh so beautiful. My apologies for not having a photo of this beautiful human. I mean I would have paid to stare at him… And of course, the coffee and breakfast were good. By the way I should mention the pancakes, THEY HAD PANCAKES, for breakfast! It had been so long, as many of my European friends do not believe in sugared breads for breakfast. It was a wonderful surprise.

During this trip I mentioned that we did a bit of sightseeing. One of the places that made the list was the SeaLife Museum. I understand where you may find the confusion as we did not have children with us and were visiting family establishments. Man, oh man there’s such a difference in visiting these places kid free. Yes, every time I saw a family my heart ached for my littles, but it was so much fun being a kid again and enduring the heat without whining.

Also, we toured Catedra De Valencia and saw their claim to The Holy Grail. It was just incredible. The Cathedral itself is breathtaking and you just feel a since of calm when visiting there.  

The Beaches themselves were beautiful and perfect for sunbathing and reading. Again, they were not crowded at all and it really made it quite enjoyable.

Overall this vacation set the tone for our yearly bookcation. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store.

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