Valkenburg, NL

Valkenburg is an adorable and beautiful city. There is so much to see from the caves, to the castle ruins. If I need a quick trip out for the day or have family in town, we head to this city.

The Caves are pretty amazing. I have been during the Christmas markets and have done a tour in English and Dutch. I don’t speak Dutch but it was great to just see the cave itself. I would have to say that the tours are my favorite way to see the caves. You get the stories and history and you get access to parts of the caves that are normally blocked off for events there. The market I would pass on. It really was my least favorite market that I have been to here in Europe. Inside these caves there are beautiful pictures carved into the walls of the cave. One of my favorite parts of the cave is the ‘solider section’ there are many soldiers that were stuck in the cave and left their signatures on the walls. Many of these soldiers were American and it was pretty awesome to see signatures from places that I know.

The caves lead up to the Castle ruins, which are pretty amazing. My kids love just roaming around and searching between all of the neat little corners of the place.

When you are done with the Castle I would suggest lunch at one of the many restaurants. One of my favorite places so far has been Meat Valkenhof. I got their burger and a nice house wine. The burger was amazing and the atmosphere there was equally as great.


For dessert we ventured down to a small café and had freakshakes and a baked apple snack.

If you are looking for something to do after lunch, you have to head up the mountain. There is a gondola that takes you up where there is, yet another restaurant, play area, and a small coaster that lets you control your speed.


Rain or shine this is a great city to visit and a must if you are traveling through the area.


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