Loveless by Marissa Howard

I live in a very small community. So, When I heard that in our local community we had a published author I was thrilled, and when I found out she wrote dystopian….. I lost it. I had to meet this person and tell them about our small local book club.

After stalking her down I told her that we would love to read her book and was wondering if she would meet with us after.

She was very kind and gracious enough to say yes! We were all excited and got to reading.

Marissa Howard’s book Loveless was a tale of a place that lost Love and their fight to get it back. It is a tale of hope and courage. Our interview was amazing, and she spoke on her journey becoming a published author, her supportive husband and how to reach your own personal goals.

I am excited to share this interview with all of you, and if you have yet to get a chance to read it go out and purchase Loveless by Marissa Howard.



So now you know.. Go out and purchase Loveless by this amazing Author, wife, mentor and military spouse !!!!!!

Purchase Loveless :

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