Love to Play


I am blessed with two young sons whom are each equally full of energy and curious about the world around them. Moving to Germany we knew that the first thing we had to do was find a place where we could all go and have fun. There are places in America such as trampoline parks and indoor bounce houses but I would say that nothing compares to the way Europe does fun for children. Here are a list of places that we have grown to love here in Europe.


If you are looking for a place to go on a cold or wet day. Even looking for a place to let your kids roam free while you enjoy a coffee and some down time, this is it. We try and visit this place every month or so. I love the large open layout of the one in Sittard. My husband loves that they serve beer. We have had and been to plenty of birthday parties here and they are well worth the money.

Lissabonlaan 30
6135 LE Sittard
Tel +31 (0)464 517456

Dartledome – Kerkrade and Sittard.

This is another location that is so much fun for our boys. The concept is the same as Ballorig, just minus the beer. I love the location in Kerkrade because of the options around it. There is a movie theater, pizza place, Asian buffet and much much more. The negative about the Kerkrade location, for me, is the steps. When taking littles into the play area you have to first walk down a set up steep steps that have proven to be bothersome for my family. Also, the food and such is upstairs meaning that you have to venture up and down whenever you get hungry.

Boket Farm

Close to our house is a great farm for the days when the weather is nice. They are open throughout the year but we enjoy it in the Spring/Summer. It is a small farm with a great assortment of animals. My children enjoy the pony rides that they have to offer. It is a small feel to enter of around 2 Euro per person. This price includes the feed for the animals. They also have a large indoor play area made of hay that the kids absolutely love. Outdoors is also another large playground for children. It is surrounded by more animals awaiting food and attention.


Wildlife Park Gangelt

Another fun location meant for a beautiful day out.  It is a huge park, with many different animals from deer, to bear, even hogs. It also has a large play area for the children. Prices start at 4,50 per person and are well worth it.


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