Karibik Aachen

Looking for some amazing Columbian food? Karibik in Aachen is it. Finding Spanish food or an equivalent; Columbian, Mexican, ect. has been a challenge in our time here in Germany. I have had some horrifying experiences. When a friend told me of this Columbian restaurant close to us, in Aachen, I had to give it a try. We were greeted by a friendly, Spanish speaking staff. The menu was in German but I knew what I came for, the vegetarian dish. This included beans, rice, plantains, arepas  (Columbian corn cakes) and salad. This was plenty for me. The food I admit was a bit of a wait but it was well worth it. I washed it all down with their signature lemonade, which was more of a limonade. It was a bit tart but they also let us know they could sweeten it up if we wanted. I didn’t find that necessary but it was nice to have that option. This place is on the top of my list of restaurants here in Germany.



Sandkaulstrasse 5

Aachen, Garmany 52062

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