Girls Trip In Lille, France

One of my favorite trips of 2017 was a short weekend trip with my friend  to Lille, France. It was a short 3 hour drive from where we live and was easy to navigate to and from. We went early December for their yearly Christmas Market.

Christmas Markets in Europe are serious and beautiful. It seems as though every city has one. Different vendors selling handcrafted items and the food is out of this world.

We had a coupon that offered a night’s stay and tour of the city. The hotel was right across from the train station and was less than five minute walking distance from the market.

There was a Farris wheel and light display that you could check out before entering the market itself. I am terrified of heights but put on a brave face for my friend and panicked the whole ride.

The market itself was small but substantial. They had this amazing potato dish that was covered in various cheeses and topped with pieces of bacon. I also enjoyed a slab of bread also covered in cheese.

TO drink we had the typical market specialty of gluwein. A warm mulled wine that touches the soul. They also serve various warmed drinks that you can spike with your favorite liquor.

The city of Lille was amazing on its own. We went and shopped in a small market that sold newspapers dating back to the early 1900s. I am sure that there were others older than that if we kept looking. There were also records, books, and more for sale.

Another bonus of the city was its large shopping mall. We spent a whole afternoon in there and barely hit one full side of the mall. A few restaurant’s topped off our stay there.

I would recommend this city to anyone looking for a short getaway. A weekend was sufficient but I could see adding a day or two to really cover what they have to offer.

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