Dublin, Ireland Y’all


Ireland was on the top of my list of places I had to see before I left Europe. I was fortunate enough to visit Dublin, Ireland in November of 2017. I went with a friend of mine and we had our list of top see places. Her’s being the Cliffs of Moher and mine being any place that had food.

We took the bus from the Airport straight to street above our hotel. It was about a two min walk and super easy to navigate. Our hotel was The Charles Stewart Guesthouse, and we booked through booking.com so it was an easy check in. The hotel itself is in the perfect location, on Parnell Street. Seriously, I would suggest booking a hotel on or very close to that street. All of the big bus companies have multiple stops on that street. You are close to several good restaurants and Trinity College is in walking distance.


We spent time on the Big Bus seeing all of the sites. In order to get to the Cliffs we booked a day our with Wild Rover Day Tours. We left around 7 am and returned around 6 that night, if I remember correctly. The trip was awesome. I had been warned about the dangerous wind, and tricky weather at the Cliffs but we were lucky enough to have perfect weather on our time there. The Cliffs of Moher are breathtaking. I am normally scared of heights but there is something peaceful about being there. We spent a few hours walking the ‘dangerous’ spots and really taking it all in.

We then traveled onto the city of Galway. I loved this city. It was small and full of young university students. We had lunch at a small seafood spot called McDonagh’s. It was good and warm, just what we needed on the cold afternoon. We spent the remainder of the cold and wet evening shopping in the various local spots.

There is so much to see in Dublin. Some of the top spots were; Trinity College (we walked around for free but did not do the expensive Book of Kells), Kilmanham jail ( a must see), the little Museum of Dublin, Ill keep updating as I remember more.

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